Beautiful Greek girl is abused by strangers and objectified in a bus in front of the passengers

Greek architecture and literature is great but the girls there are excellent. I hear that they are total nymphomaniacs, they love sucking strange men’s cocks and don’t get shy about it when it come to showing it in public.


Take this Greek doll for example, she does not seem to mind the fact that she is naked underneath her trench-coat in a public square, all she wants is to be alluring, incentive and try and catch the eye of any passer-by that is willing to brutally fuck her in public.


She then looses her trench-coat, gets up on a bus with her lady-friend and is turned into a little stool to the amazement of the passengers. She is completely naked and showing of her pretty cunt. After this she parades around the bus proudly showing her nice breasts and curves.


The next stop he gets off and tries to get off some men she meets in a park as well, but these men mean business, the have public sex with her right then and there. They even came prepared with a ball gag that is used on her mouth, some rope with which they cleverly tie her up, lift her up and dive into that Greek pussy. But even this gets old so they take off the gag and fuck her throat instead as long as she can take it and believe me, she can take it. In the end all that was left on her precious, tanned skin was the cum of a bunch of satisfied strangers that love to have public sex with Greek girls and this is not mythology, it’s reality so check out this extreme video!


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