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A cock hungry whore once again, that’s what this pretty and chubby girl seems to me. These kind of public sex videos where the girl seems so innocent at the beginning but ends up a tramp in the end are my absolute favourite of all time. The way she wiggles her ass around the set while she is on all fours and on a collared leash is as cute as it is fucking hot. How many men out there dream of having a girl like that on a leash? Almost all of you, I am sure of this.


She sucks cock like it’s the first time in a very long time, as if once she was an addict, stopped and now she once again gets the chance to do her most pleasurable activity: feeling the tip of the cock on your tongue then on the back of your throat moving in and out in a repetitive and mind blowing manner that makes your pussy pulsate in expectation for the same thrashing that your face is experiencing at the moment. But when  you are just about to finish that trail of through… surprise, surprise! You get exactly what you wished for, a thick cock spreading apart your humid pussy lips then diving into your blissful wetness.


What could be better? Another engorged dick that shyly tries to pierce your beautiful and pink ass hole. If public and rough sex would have been a dance I would have been a professional as is this girl right here.  I don’t know who would teach who tricks but I’m sure I have a lot to learn  from her. And guys, if your lady isn’t into public gang bangs yet, I suggest you watch this video with her and see if she shares my opinion on this.


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