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On rare occasions have I ever seen a more pretty and submissive slut like her. She is just perfect, loving both pain and pleasure, not being able to tell whether she is moaning out of one or the other. After her gag is removed all hell breaks loose, she gets to suck several dicks, moans, spits on them, licks them and sucks on their balls too, of course.


But before having her gag removed, she was tied up and had some clothes’ pins on her nipples to see how much pain she can actually take. It was really cute to see how she started drooling even with her gag on when she saw just how many cock are willing to offer her public sex. I bet she felt a bit overwhelmed when she saw that so many people wanted to touch her pussy, make her cum, humiliate her, brutally fuck her in every hole, be they men or women, she was very desired that night, a thing that can be clearly seen in this bondage video.


It is also very cock-hardening to see that she is so eager to receive cock-slaps over her face, this being another one of those moments when she drools all over them and can hardly refrain from taking one in her mouth. She eventually ends up sucking them all, one at a time. It’s funny to see her facial expression when a lady gets down under her and licks her pussy while she is bound in rope and forced to suck cock, she seems to be confused, not knowing where to seek pleasure: in sucking cock or in the fact that her pussy is being eaten?


In the end, everyone was satisfied and not one cock was left untouched and her reward was, of course, a healthy load of cum over her pretty face.


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