Two submissive whores are fucked, forced to lick each other and are tied up in public

These are one of the most filthiest events that I have ever witnessed, and believe me when I say that I am a true fan of public sex when it comes to watching it happen, but these two submissive sluts suck that cock like they know that it’s the last cock they will ever suck in their lives.


And the way that pretty brunette is put to respect by stripping in a public place just because he spilt something on the floor makes my panties drop in anticipation and makes me wish that I was right there and then to experience that moment fully. I also love the fact that one submissive slut is made to lick another one’s ass hole and believe me there is nothing more sweeter than the taste of a woman’s ass hole, clean of course. The slave that is being licked is completely immobilized, having nothing other to do than to enjoy what is happening to her.


Afterwards the slave that is bound in leather straps and has a mouth gag is fucked into submission by a participant of the party and experiences brutal sex with other members and guests that attended this very special event.


After the gag is removed, a plastic dildo makes the filthy slave drool and cry, streams of tears smearing up her mascara while she gets pound in her ass by a respectable gentleman from behind. In the end, her pussy gets a thorough thrashing and she finally cums just like she dreaded when she first set foot into this very controversial party of guests.


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